Erotic Massage Salons – good for tourism in Bucharest?

Erotic Massage Salons – good for tourism in Bucharest?


This is my first English article here. I’ve written another one on too. I also have another 6 blogs, probably I will begin to write in English on them too.

In that article, written on, I’ve talked about erotic massage salons in Bucharest. Yeah, it’s legal, it’s cheaper and I’m not ashamed to talk about it. I’ve already said that in most of the countries there aren’t such things. I don’t know if it’s good or not, but Bucharest is now a city with lots of erotic salons. It is the reality. And as I have this opportunity, I also want to talk a little bit about that.

I think Bucharest can have benefits. I think some tourists may be convinced to come in Bucharest to visit those new and interesting things. Are you against erotic massage salons? Doesn’t matter: nobody forces you to go to visit them. But you can accept that we (yeah, you too) can benefit from them. Is it something bad that you can benefit from a thing with which you don’t agree? I think that is the essence of democracy: you will never go to an erotic massage salon, you are against them, let’s say you are a religious person, but you benefit (form an economical point of view) from them. It’s ok.

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And there are lots of them in this city. Just write on Google: Erotic Massage Bucharest or Erotic Massage Salon Bucharest. Yes, people are already interested in this. And it’s ok. These are legal, girls that are working there are not prostitutes.

Now the problem is about this city and how this city must be promoted. I think this kind of advertising, Erotic City, isn’t that bad. Why are you against this? Are you afraid of what? People are coming to do something that are not allowed to do in their country, exactly what lots of Romanian people do when they go to Holland (especially Amsterdam, known as Capital of Legal Sex).

If we want to be rich, then we must produce money. If money are legal, then money are good. Good money means happy people. And yes, Erotic Massage Salons are a good solution. Unfortunately, Romanian national church is very influential and none of the politicians assume such a thing. This is now, but after 4 years I thing Romanian people, especially people from the capital Bucharest, will think differently. It’s a wish. Have fun in Bucharest and politically greetings to all my readers!

2 thoughts on “Erotic Massage Salons – good for tourism in Bucharest?

  1. Lecaru says:

    Exportul trebuie sa fie asigurat doar de servicii cum ar fi acesta prezentat. Doamna cu „open minded” aveti dreptate , dar scrieti in romana sa inteleaga si cel de la tara.

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